Never sleep on an argument

No. The solution is a simple (but oh-so-hard-to-carry-out!) advice of my mother-in-law’s: Whatever you do, never sleep on an argument!

Life gets in the way (or the piling mess on the coffee table), and yes, you will argue about that and so, so much more. They will seem huge at the heat of the moment, but the trick is, not to say things you might regret.

When the going gets tough, there is rule number 1:


We’ve all seen a hissy fit of a child. They have one immediate need. To fulfil the wishes of the Freudian Ego RIGHT NOW.

That’s you in the middle of an argument, be it loud and verbal, or (as in my case) quiet and the test of will against will (most times). You may love each other dearly, but man, oh, man, can people miscommunicate sometimes! Stubborn that we are, still we should go quiet and say as little as possible while fuming.

Regardless of us staying in one room or removing ourselves, you will always work through things if you only think before you act. I believe in you.

Marriage is tough sometimes. But ever so rewarding!

Rule number 2:


Think of it this way. You never really hate your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend. You hate their behaviour. Or, as in my case, you’re outsmarted and you hate the fact that the other one is right!

Whatever the case is, be quiet and just forgive yourself and you spouse while you’re in the other room. Later do reach out to them, take the first step when you feel like it and make sure you’re still ok. This will lead to a crucial step to rule number 3:


I remember seeing a YouTube video of an adorable couple, around in their late 80s and early 90s. When the interviewer asked them how can they still get along so great after decades of marriage, they simply said that they never go to sleep before they resolved their argument and they always kiss each other before bed-time.

Not one person is the same on this earth, so you do need to figure out how to apply things to your situations, but one thing is for sure:

May these tricks be hard or easy, regarding any given situation that has ever occurred in anyone’s lives so far, relationships work because you don’t play hard to get, but you aim to understand each other not just on the surface, but on a deeper level too. You must live to let live and you have give allowances.

You might be close, but you’re definitely two separate individuals. Just remember. No one can read each other’s minds.

May this be of help to you.

Have a lovely life together in happiness!

Ps: Have a look at this video below. I can guarantee it will make you smile! 🙃👍🤪

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