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What more?

I gave you days of darkness, days of woe
Feeling of highness leading to low
Never to push away, never to run.
Never to ask the question: What more do you want?

Shall I give you unhappiness and love
As a tribune in my shadow world?
Shall I make the music die in my lungs
To lower my expectations? What more can be pearled?

Frozen in laborious pain, not to move, not to live
Grazing on lives of another, 'tis the choice given me
Wallowing lowliness, the loneliness, the holiness
The rudimentary ricochet of blind sea.

Rioting rowers on the stream, swear your silence!
Swallow the fear and the ream of words on the paper
Comprehend the incoherent ramifications
That remind you of better years.

Row, haul, swish yourself away to a green
Grimacing Feys will follow you everywhere.
Suck in the air and dare not breathe out
As pain, pain, pain is the confusing reward for it.


I'm an English Lit Graduate from University College Dublin (class 2019), with a passion for writing. Here you'll find discussions about varied topics, such as marriage, food sensitivity and books, amongst others.