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Writing Mastery Course by Jessica Brody – Quick review

Wondering what a writer’s best tool is out there at the moment? Are you a planner through and through?

I can tell you, Jessica Brody’s Save the Cat! Writes a Novel course (and book) will be your best friend in plotting your next great idea. It can be found in her Writing Mastery Academy.

It is a well structured course with plenty of examples from films and novels following 15 beats that make up most (if not all) novels.

It is a small investment, high reward course and worth every minute that you send on it. It’ll help you structure your ideas and clarify were you were lost.

If you don’t believe me, go and check her course out. And don’t forget about the book.

I just got my cert!

Good luck and May we always have great conversations.

Szabina 🙌


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