Roaming Unknown

Roaming figure - Curiosity Corner Dublin
hand in hand we're roaming the territory
craving new sights to gain for clear victory
over unchanging unglorified earthling's feelings
wanting to reach new heights and revealings

how did we get to this archway?
stone unwashed grey and in no way
can you find that the road will lead to where
you may not find enough care to share

after all, that forest was not there before
and that girl at the bottom of the pit can't sore
lower that the ground; she hides beneath the bushes
no matter what caused the pushes

of the wind from the wrong direction
and behind her dark hair hides a pale complexion
tells us to move on don't look don't talk don't do
anything that I wouldn't.

green vegetation sinks the sun
freezing the air with it until snow is spun
out of nowhere now that's unexpected
reflecting on the losing strength in legs objected

yet homeward we must go even if more adventure
awaits new discoveries yet to be made by our amature
eyes of restricted times as we are decreased
to short spurts of the moment until we're on again at least.

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