Blessed be

The spirit soars right up to the sky,
When all that's bold crosses our might'
So just look up and see: nothing's a "why",
It's rather a "how"; just reach for the light
You MUST see, how blessed you can be,
Yes, it's been quite awhile since the touch of "tree Erudite";
It simply CANNOT be that our minds still plain. Like a bee
Searching for oceans' of flowers, those kind
Little colors: The GOLD to our air...
Oh, we have our senses, seemingly all useless...
To be blind to Mother Nature NEVER can be fair!
Open up! Breathe! Forget all the rudeness!
As the first rays of our splendid delight - Sun -
Touches your cheek, please know this one thing:
Any solution comes by the warmth of Komodia's hun'
To bless, guide and heal by giving you the heart of Spring.

Originally published on <– follow this link and read more of my older poems, under my pen name, Bettany.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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