Curiosity Corner Dublin


Rotating emotions rolling on a wagon Should I make this world into a full blown dargon? Darkness comes with inspiration Sleepless frustration. It’s the light I’m forcing to have Rather that I’m forcing the shed To bend unnaturally. Ricocheting sleep tactfully. Have we ever had a straight wall? Have we imagine the vertigo fall? Silverfish crawls the unseen spaces, Sleep braces. Perhaps those books that I should breathe in Help will come… Read More

What does poetry means to me canva art by Curiosity Corner Dublin

See my thoughts on why I love writing poetry and why I think I am a poet.

Roaming figure - Curiosity Corner Dublin

We went for a long walk around the neighbourhood and it inspired me to write about what I saw. The style is inspired by my favourite poet, William Carlos Williams, and the stream of consciousness style.